Food Kits Distribution at Eluru

The people of India as they just recovering from the aftermath of Covid 19, it was another blow to the nation specially to the people of south India when the towns and villages are battered by the rain and severe flood.

As people who depend so much on their cultivation lost their hard word of six months are more in few days rain. Again a hopeless situation and clouds all around the minds.

Thanks to all the who are actively involved in the act of charity. Special thanks to Sneha Charitable Trust, which has been a key defender of the poor and sick for three decades in India.

St. Camillus College – Eluru with the help of the Sneha Charitable Trust and Tzu Chi Foundation, has been engaging rigorously in the plight removing project right from the first days of Covid. Now it is extending its hand to the flood hit area and the families.

on 24 November 156 families were helped with the essential food items. Its work will continue whenever the need arise.