Kite Carnival


Knowing Inside Talents to Excel

Children Camp for CABA (Children Affected By Aids)


Kite is something that is moving and flying high. It is a symbol of life and energy which is very much present in children. But kite needs wind it needs someone to hold the thread and guide. In the same way children need proper environment and someone to hold them and guide them so that they can fly high. So by this Kite Carnival we hope to help these children to fly high.

Kite carnival is a two days camp conducted on 26th & 27th of December, 2015 by Snehakiran, Hyderabad for children affected by AIDS. Some children are HIV positive whilst others are affected by HIV (their parents are HIV positive).  96 children from Hyderabad and Secunderabad participated in the camp. The two day program is filled with various fun games, art and sport competitions to find out the talented children and prosper their talents. In addition, there were sessions on health education and behavior modifications to improve their health & life skills.  Besides, the dental check-up and medical camp helped the organizers to know about their health status and respond accordingly. Consequently, various entertainment programs like magic show, puppet show, balloon show and cultural activities by children was also the attractions of the camp.

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