Medical Camp for Transgenders – Hyderabad

Transgender experience Discrimination, stigma, and violence, along with other social, political, and economic factors, significantly affect the physical, mental, and behavioral health of transgender adults.

Research demonstrates that, compared with the general population, transgender people suffer from more chronic health conditions and experience higher rates of health problems related to HIV/AIDS, substance use, mental illness, and sexual and physical violence, as well as higher prevalence and earlier onset of disabilities that can also lead to health issues.

In addition to poorer health outcomes, transgender people also encounter unique challenges and inequalities in their ability to access health insurance and adequate care.

Keeping all these in mind St. Camillus Ashram an unit of Sneha Charitable Trust in India with the collaboration of Tzu Chi foundation and the People of Hyderabad city and Mirti Clinic conducted medical camp for the transgender.

It was far beyond the expression of human concern and care. Every life has to be respected irrespective of differences in anyways. So many people got the benefit of the camp.