Rainbow summer camp is a fun filled organized program for children conducted annually at  Sneha care home. It is conducted aiming at opening children’s horizons to a wide variety of  specialized activities like performing arts, crafts, music, dance, awareness sessions and skill  development training. The prime purpose of the summer camp is help the children recuperate  after the holidays and prepare themselves for the new academic year. Secondly, it also opens  new avenues of educational and entertainment opportunities which allow them to grow in a  nurturing environment. Rainbow Summer Camp was conducted in June, 2016 and it was a  unique experience with a lot of fun and frisk. Major highlights of the two days celebration  included activities such as organic farming techniques, dance therapy, cookery class, arts, crafts,  theatre workshop, paper bag making and various other activities. Ms. Mary, Professor, Sacred  heart Community College inaugurated the programme in the presence of Fr. Jaison, Director,  Sneha Care Home and Mr. John & Mr. Wilfred from Rare Earth Farm. The resource persons  who made the programs of the camp more and more lovely and colourful were Mrs. Sunitha  James (Cookery training), Ms. Priyanka (Paper bag making), Ms. Vidhya (Dance Therapy) and  Mr. John & Mr. Wilfred(organic farming and manure preparation). The guidance of Sneha Care  home team (Fr. Jaison, Director, Francis, coordinator, Clera and Jini, counselors) and the support  of volunteers Mrs. Rani (India), Jeremias and Ronja (Germany), helped to execute and conduct  the two days workshop beneficial to the children.

Fr. Jaison Narikuzhiyil, Director

Sneha Care Home and shining Star School, Sneha Charitable Trust