Shiloh Tailoring & Embroidery


Our second social integration initiative is the Shiloh Tailoring unit.

While the objective of the tailoring unit remains the same as that of the candle making centre, the skills developed at the tailoring unit are slightly different from the candle making unit. The work environment is more conducive to girls and women. They are more inclined to taking up tailoring work.  Shiloh unit was started more recently in August 2018. There are 5 young women involved in this initiative under the guidance of volunteers.

In the initial phase we plan to make shopping bags with decorative art work and sell them through the avenues we have developed for selling candles.  We have been successful in selling some bags at churches and through our well wishers from India. We were also able to send a few hundred bags overseas for sales through some of our benefactors.

Students who are not so competent in academic performance are given an option to choose tailoring as their  profession. To support their dream, we send them for basic and advanced training.  Four students from Snehagram, Krishnagiri who passed the basic tailoring have gone for further training to Malur, Karnataka.