President’s Desk



Dear Friends

As I write this message, hope and excitement for our future endeavors intermingle with my feelings of gratitude. I reflect on our accomplishments of the year gone by and feel a great sense of satisfaction. We are growing steadily; reaching out to as many sick people as possible. It has been a year of both continuity and change. We continued to build our life for the long term, while increasing speed and efficiency to adapt to the changes around us.

On behalf of the Board, I want to express our appreciation and warm thanks to the SCT management. SCT has the people and the leadership across the country to guide the trust units. It is their hard work and commitment to excellence that drives our Trust day to day. We thank you, our shareholders, for your continuing support. We value your ongoing trust in our Mission and our people, and your confidence in our leadership setting a solid, stable course for the future. SCT has a strong foundation, a clear path forward and a bright future. The people behind the scence – those who toil in the ground, in the wards, in the outskirts, and in kitchens, our staff, volunteers, donors, teachers, Government officials, and all other well-wishers who have been by our side throughout the 15-year-long journey. They are the heart of our organisation. Today, I am glad that we are blessed with dedicated workforce and supporters. I also appreciate the efforts of the members of our organisation, who volunteer for noble deeds above and beyond their work. Last year, many members proactively participated in relief work during the aftermath of Assam floods, we helped thousands of affected people through our medical relief camps.

I, hereby present to you the Annual Report of SCT for the Year 2017-18. This report is a comprehensive representation of the vital facets of the programme, the past years’s accomplishments, associations, financial credentials and the SCT’s future plans.

On behalf of SCT, I take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you who has chosen to be our companion on the road to charity. In the quest of benefiting and transforming the lives of millions more, I invite you, your family and friends to associate with us. I once again thank each of you for choosing the Sneha Charitable Trust as your platform for charity.

Let’s come together for a cause that knows no boundaries.

Baby Ellickal

President, Sneha Charitable Trust