President’s Desk


Message from the president

The true mettle of an organisation is tested when it is able to respond to the challenges the environment throws up and turn them into an advantage. We have seeded several initiatives and projects that will bear fruit in the coming year. A tightening of  processes has enabled us to become leaner and more agile than ever before. And an ongoing focus on continuous improvement is helping us innovate to achieve even greater efficiencies. I would like to thank all our stakeholders around the world- share holders, customers, suppliers, vendors, partners, employees and their families, the various governments and the regulatory agencies for the support extended to us and I hope to continue to receive your support in the future. We endeavor for transparency and accountability in our work; always aligned to our mission of helping the poorest of the poor. we are happy to say that of funding crossed a hundred lakhs this year, most of which came from individual donors. we are grateful that they have continued to repose thier trust in us. we present the annual report for  2015 to 2016 and hope you will enjoy reading it.

Baby Ellickal

President, Sneha Charitable Trust