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Champion in me

CHAMPION in me is a customized and first of its kind Arts and Sports events organized in the country for the HIV positive children by Sneha Charitable Trust since 2009. Since then it has been offering a forum for children living with HIV to come together and unleash the hidden talents, recognizing the reality to foster healthy child development, a holistic approach to educate and balance between various aspects, with arts, sports and healthy lifestyle being main of them. The event was conducted on 28th and 29th November 2015 in Bangalore and around 500 children from 13 centres in Karnataka state participated in a two days fun filled competitive event; building self esteem, confidence and healthy behaviour.

Rationale Behind
It is necessary to organize such events more frequently in order to bring together these positive children under one roof and widen their horizon. It is important to understand that since most of our young ones are unable to compete with children from the mainstream society, events of this sort become the only forums for the children to experience regular competition.

- Organized events of this sort can bring discipline among children and it can strengthen their physical and psychological well being.
- Such organized sports and cultural events help build self esteem and confidence among our positive children.
- The importance of instilling healthy competition and the need to develop a culture to support and appreciate another’s talents.
- Creates a platform for recognizing the aptitude of children.
- Fostering peer support.

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