Outreach Programs


Nanma is the out-reach program of Snehatheeram. It reaches out to the sick, at their homes and workplace. Nanma provides ambulance service to reach the sick to treatment facilities. It also provides counselling and emotional support to the sick and their worried families. The following are the main areas of its service:

Home/workplace visits
Health and Hunger concerns: medical and nutritional support
Coping up and treatment adherence motivation
Availing treatment/care support for the needy
Awareness programmes
Kesadaanam (Hair donation to cancer patients)
Availing organizational/departmental supports and facilities (eg: pensions, grants, nutrition)
Ambulance service to reach the sick to treatment
Networking and facilitating donations

This year Nanma organised few days of occupational therapy for the children with disability. The program trained children in various skills like candle making, carry bag making and some craft works, which would help them to make a small earning. The children from various parts of the district have been mobilised for the program and we had a good number of participants.

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