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Mangaluru, Karnataka

Snehasadan is a comprehensive care and support centre for children living with HIV, managed by Sneha Charitable Trust. A 60-bedded centre, Snehasadan has been a Home of Love for people living with HIV, since 2001. It is the third initiative of Camillians in India. The orphan and vulnerable children are provided with a platform that ensures their growth in an atmosphere of love, care, and compassion. Snehasadan envisions total health to all, by promoting a culture of life and ensuring human dignity in the given reality.

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The specific mission of Snehasadan is to provide comprehensive care to the people living with HIV, with a priority for infected children and those in the end stage of their disease, by motivating, caring, supporting, and rehabilitating them.

Major goals of Snehasadan are:
• To provide quality care for the neglected and the poor sick;
• To provide treatment, nutrition, and relaxation for the wellbeing of the persons;
• To restore self-confidence and encouraging changes in life-styles through behavioural interventions;
• To provide self-employment through rehabilitation services;
• To provide information and education through outreach programmes.

Service delivery
The major services provided at Snehasadan are: Treatment and care of patients with Tuberculosis Care, education, rehabilitation, and social integration of orphan and vulnerable children.

Care programme of HIV-infected children include:
Residential care for thirty five children, formal education and value-based education, psycho-social support and trauma care, on-going educational support, sports, exercises, recreational activities, interaction with family members, adherence to and monitoring of antiretroviral therapy, addressing adolescent issues, medical care, nutritional care, referral services, and spiritual care.

Various activities and events at Snehasadan during the year 2021 - 2022

1) Mouth-care and Hygiene: Children were taught basic lessons of mouth-care and personal hygiene by Norwegian nursing students who stayed in Snehasadan nearly 6 weeks as part of their studies.

2) Various celebrations: Snehasadan organised various celebrations such as Independence Day, Feast of St. Camillus, Christmas, Starry Night, and New Year day, during which children staged various cultural and art performancces. On the ocasion of Starry Night celebrations, a canvas painting titled “starry children” by Fr. Jomin was unveiled.

3) World AIDS day: On the occasion of World AIDS Day, the director of Snehasadan Fr. Siby Kaitharan gave a lecture “A Social Perspective on the Quality of Life of people living with HIV” at A.B. Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences, Mangaluru.

4) More emphasis on education Snehasadan gives more emphasis on the education of its children. Some children scored high percentage of marks at Rosa Mystica School. Two children are doing their studies staying outside Snehasadan. The centre provides in house tuition for Kannada, English, and Mathematics. A new computer lab has been opened for enhancing their IT education, and they are given training in computer by a teacher.

Snehasadan has entered into a collaboration with BOOKWALA to estabilsh a children’s library, with an aim to develop their reading habits. Various programs like storytelling, story acting, story writing have been conducted.

Children are given daily training for the children on public speaking in Kannada and English. Moreover, Children’s Parliament is another major activity to enhance their confidence, agency, leadership skills, group skills, and other life skills. Physical education and sports, and training in art are also included in the care and education program of the children at Snehasadan.

5) Collaborators of Snehasadan Snehasadan’s partners in education program are: Rosa Mystica primary and high school, Kinnikambla; Dharma Jyoti, Vamanjoor (SRS Sisters); Government Pre-University College, Gurupura; and St. Aloysius College, Mangalore.

The partners in health care program are: Yenepoya Medical College Hospital, Government Wenlock Hospital, ART centre, Father Muller Hospital, and Shalom Medicals, Kaikamba.

Exposure Visits to Snehasadan

Sl. No. Name of the Institution Number of visitors
1 Yenepoya Nursing college, Mangaluru 3
2 National Institute of Tech- nology, Surathkal 18
3 St. Aloysius College, Mangaluru 20
4 Nehru Memorial College, Sullia 30

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