Collaborators & Linkages


Karnataka Health Promotion Trust

  • Programme guidance
  • Learning site initiatives
  • Financial support for OVC program

St. John’s Medical College

  • Medical treatment of adult and children living with HIV.
  • Palliative care support through Pain and Palliative care department.

Save A Family

  • Associated with this unit to build home for HIV infected people

  • Revised national Tuberculosis control program
  • District AIDS prevention and control unit
  • Anti retro viral therapy centres
  • District and Taluk governmental hospitals

Learn for Life foundation, USA

  • Finding sponsors for children
  • Support in data organization and management

Shining star Trust, UK

  • Financial support through fundraising in UK

Jeevanam Trust

  • Counseling and spiritual services to the admitted patients on every week.
  • Weekly provision of fruits for patients.

Boston University

  • Conducting research
  • Virtual and actual internship by students in public health

Christ University

  • Capacity building initiatives

The International School Bangalore (TISB)

  • Mutual Learning programme
  • Donated the funds raised by students for construction of our washing area.

Runners High, Bangalore

  • Athletic training for children
  • Technical and personnel assistance to conduct amateur running events as part of fundraising program.

Bangalore School Sports Foundation

  • Conducting the Champion In Me sports event
  • Training children in athletics and sports programs

Louise foundation for ballet

  • Conducting ballet classes for children
  • Organizing children’s ballet performances

Ananya Trust

  • Athletic training for children
  • Organizing running events

International services Agency (INSA, India)

  • Conducting life skill training for children
  • Facilitating children’s parliament
  • Training and facilitation for drafting the ‘Child Rights Policy Manual’


  • Collaborative ministry in disaster management

Baptist church devar yamjal

  • Spiritual service and fruits provision

Madras Social Service Society (MSSS)

HCL Technologies

  • Supporting a project for micronutrient supplement for children
  • Employ engagement
  • Buying books for the Library

Timken India

  • Supported the construction of Girl’s Hostel in Snehagram
  • Employ engagement

Wells Fargo, India Pvt. LTD

  • Supports the academic programme by supplying academic goods
  • Employ engagement

National Instruments Systems, India PVT. LTD

  • Supports the nutritional programme
  • Employ engagement


  • Provides stationary and cosmetic items for children


  • Provided computers and software for the Early Learning Centre
  • Provided chairs for the class rooms


  • Provided solar water heater system for children

Nagarjuna Foundation

  • Provided solar water heating system
  • a fridge to store medicines, a food processer, and some items for physiotherapy
  • food provisions twice in a year.

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