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Dear Friends

We have been going through the toughest moments of our life time with pandemics and calamities gripping all aspects of our life for the past few years. I am pleased to place it on record that even amidst these challenging scenario, Sneha Charitable Trust (SCT) has been actively involved in bringing smiles on thousands of faces in terms of providing quality living to many who had lost the shine.

It is praiseworthy to note that the members of the Trust have been tireless in its efforts of reaching out to the less privileged folks of the society during the grip of Covid pandemic and natural calamities that has badly hit several states of India. I am so excited to see that the Trust has partnered with various faith-based organizations, corporates and other NGOs in providing quality healthcare, educational assistance, agricultural and livelihood support, household and building materials. The Government of Karnataka has rightly acknowledged the Covid care initiatives of the Trust in terms of providing food kits and medical assistance to the affected and infected people of the society.

The Trust slowly but steadily is extending its ministries to other horizons as well. The Fellowship program for the children living with HIV across different states of India is one of the achievements of the Trust, wherein several adolescent children could fulfil their dreams by receiving quality training and secure their life with decent jobs. Care and support of children living with multiple disabilities is another healthcare program, which is shaping itself as one of the future ministries of the Trust. Our aim is to combine professionalism in healthcare with commitment to compassionate care so as to bring health and wholeness to all.

In view of this, we are on the process of beginning a new venture, which is a hospital that would set new standards of healthcare. Our focus is to ensure that wellness is the right of everyone in the society. Our hallmark is the commitment of its members for the wellbeing of the humanity. We believe that it’s not merely our work, but that of the One who has called us to this way of life in the footsteps of St. Camillus. We want to make a difference by our service...through making health as every one’s right. Our dream is big, but resources are limited.

We are merely the sowers of this seed of bringing a change. We need like-minded people to stand by us in nurturing it all the way till the society can savour the best fruits from the seed. Together we can create a difference in the lives of the poor and the marginalised of the society and amend their destiny.

I am grateful to all the benefactors and supporters of Sneha Charitable Trust. I also appreciate our volunteers and well-wishers who have devoted their quality time and energy to fulfil our mission. Let us look forward to the future with great enthusiasm as marching toward the sun boldly brings all shadows and darkness of our life fall behind us.

Bijoy K. George
President, Sneha Charitable Trust

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